Looking over the years I can say I have achieved near to what i started out to be.  I set the goal of becoming known in the band merchandising area of design, ever since i was 15 I have been trying to find my niche in the market.  Thankfully I pulled through, pushing myself to do what I loved, concentrating on all areas rather than just one genre of music.

My work was becoming more and more illustrative, using my main illustrations to get across my message, rather using a lot of typography in the work.

Here are a few examples of my work

blunt skull11
blunt skull1Blunt Skull

Above was a set promotional image used purposely to promote myself.  It has been used in numerous occasions for logo designs and apparel.




The initial idea came from an article I was reading from a local paper.  It was about a fishing boat, with around 8 fis

hermen who were trapped out in the North Sea.  Tragically two members of the crew were killed and taken by the ocean.  The basis of the illustration was to acknowledge the dangers of traveling out of sea.  I wanted the illustration itself to be quite dramatic, yet have the colour choices relating to an ocean.

The style of the drawing is meant to be quite engaging and the use of the oceans debris and seaweed wrapping around the arm, gives the impression of restriction and suffocation.

900 500 pixels uploaded version

Above is a final image used for a t-shirt website, called design by humans, I have also uploaded this particular design to emptees as well, the links are shown below :].



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